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Women Says 6ix9ine Got Her Pregnant Then Ghosted Her

A Florida woman is claiming that Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine impregnated her and deserted her at the last moment when she was about to give birth. Now, she’s suing the rapper for child support payments and wants him to pay $50K per month.

6ix9ine has had a rough couple of years following his early release from jail for racketeering charges in 2020. The rapper’s decision to cooperate with prosecutors and take a plea deal where he gave information on other gang members resulted in his rap career tanking as former collaborators Nicki Minaj, and others turned their backs on him.

6ix9ine is reviled in the hip-hop community, which insists he is a snitch. However, the artist has re-invented himself as he seemingly aims to dominate the Latin music market. However, it seems that despite the new changes to his career, the same old problems abound. A Miami woman is claiming that Tekashi fathered her child, and she wants $50K in child support.

“What baby daddy? As soon as I told him my water broke, that n***a ran. He has not come to see me. That n**ga ran,” she said on the We in Miami podcast.

The woman was also asked about putting the rapper on child support, where she said, “I ain’t got no choice now. I’m a b**ch I need to be put up, period. Now, I’m not struggling and I’m not working hard. I’m not working hard I work smart, like put me up or get put up.”

She continued, “Do I have to go work at Scarlett’s or Booby Trap [strip clubs] …Come back baby I don’t want to put you on child support,” she said, laughing.

The woman also shared a photo of her baby and said that the rapper “didn’t even try” using protection and asked her to keep the baby a secret. It seems that this is not the first time she is dealing with a celebrity, as she said she expected the rapper to give her “hush” money to keep the pregnancy a secret, but instead, he ghosted her.

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“It’s like we transactional, I’m not gone lie. As soon as they buy me something, as soon as they give me some money, I’m like ‘oh my God, I like him so much.”

She said the rapper was present during her pregnancy, but as soon as her water broke, he ran away.

6ix9ine has one child with his ex-girlfriend Sara Molina and another with his ex Marlayna.