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Zakaria argues Trump’s moves are still hurting the US economy

…western economists, always enthralled to the ruling class, never look at the excesses of that class as “in need of addressing” whenever there is a crisis of cost inflation or depressed employment — but large companies and wealthy people are taking too great of a percentage of the economy — because they can, because we have few choices to the 1000 or so corporations that own and operate 90% of the world economy today. Small farmers aren’t making more money in food — and often, what they’re charging hasn’t risen year on year, either — but large corporate looters don’t live in the same universe: their earnings calls over the last 5 sessions tell us they and their shareholders are doing stunningly well.

In one area you address, Trump’s/GOP’s war on migrant workers and immigrants, I whole heartedly agree: small businesses in the food and construction sectors receive a substantial wash of workers from immigration and migration: restraurants barely can function without so-called ‘illegal immigrants’ —

That said, however: “it is THESE VERY BUSINESS PEOPLE who are voting to rid the country of foreign workers, by supporting the political party that abhors foreigners as invaders stealing American jobs and using up all the country’s welfare (somehow).

Global supply chain businesses, too, have enjoyed bringing products to market at low prices to US consumers because much of their componentry was made in countries where wages or labor laws are favorable to manufacturing on the cheap, or with defacto slaves. That toaster 4 years ago cost $12.99 and now costs $39.95 because of Trump imposed Tariffs, and anything build domestically is twice the price simply because we do not allow child labor or slavery in the United States anymore. So much of our issues on inflation are readily resolvable, but not by doubling down on tariffs against Asian producers, or demanding everything be made in the USA, or in the policy of rejecting as many foreign workers and immigrants as possible whose ancestors don’t hail from Europe et al…