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The complexity of modernity has systemically undermined the importance of an individual politico, at least in the realm of national politics. Nonetheless, the old institutions of governance and their staunch supporters still want to retain the archaic and absolutely nonsensical notion of leadership by a strong wo(man). To start with, the human individual is a very delicate creature, i.e., is susceptible to all kinds of afflictions, including diseases of the mind. By and large, the typical politico seeking the highest offices tends to be egoistic psychopath, with a very low level of integrity. To let such weaklings loose on society is not an advisable proposition, but that is exactly what is happening all over the world. The one-man show came into being when human societies only had rudimentary functions, institutions and objectives. In those days modern medicine was also not advanced enough to vet psychologically ill equipped individuals for high offices!
‘Ponerology’, the study of evil, is now shading light as to why collective existence should not rely on some megalomaniac to head major institutions/activities. Checks and balances as outlined in the constitutions of countries have become painfully outdated. Various technics in social organizations have gradually diluted individual responsibilities. Important decisions are streamlined so that numbed bureaucracy can deal with them mechanically. By only twitching the bureaucratic processes, major decisions like wars can be declared in a number of countries. So much for checks and balances! In late modernity, idiocracy is the rule of the game and the essence of good governance is completely undermined by the likes of the ‘deep state’. Again our definition of the deep state: the deep state is the military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media-complex of the advanced industrial countries. In such a highly organized manipulative environment of political contestation, to think that an individual can single handedly win elections and run countries is at best ludicrous. A single individual cannot (on her own) beneficially manage the affairs of societies comprising millions, sometimes billions of people. Besides being unrealistic, the whole cockamamie scheme costs millions/billions, to say nothing about the waste of precious time. Why does the highly rational system of global production/distribution still swears by this old system? The answer is quite obvious to the perceptive. It is to hoodwink the sheeple into thinking that the whole exercise is the epitome of democracy and serves the sheeple’s interests better than any other. We say baloney!
This whole thing is intentionally encouraged so that those who control the global phony money can control politics! Clowns running around the whole country, spending money and making fools of themselves (sorry for the redundancy) is a sight that is becoming appallingly stupid! Secretary of State of the US openly remarked that he wants to ‘push back’ against Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the UK Labor Party! The secretary’s remark is to ‘push back’ against Corbyn the individual, and not directly the Labor Party. If that is the intention, then the utterance is more sinister and can be construed as a bona fide interference/meddling in the affair of a sovereign nation. Why should the UK’s conservative party, which has only 100, 000 members decide on behalf of over sixty million people? In the UK, all the political parties combined have total membership of less than a million. By the same token, only 18% of the US population is represented by the two dominant parties, while the rest, i.e., 82% of the population has to go along with decisions made by the political honchos of these two ideologically identical entities. The priority of these politicos, as was demonstrated repeatedly by various studies, is to make sure corporations get what they want, despite the negative impacts such regulations/laws, etc. have on the unsuspecting sheeple. There is a name for such a system of political governance. The USA, as the former President of the US (Jimmy Carter) put it: is not a democracy but a plutocracy! A government of money, for money and by money, and nothing else! To protect the interest of capital such governments will go to war against everyone everywhere. This includes Mother Nature. After all, what does national interest actually means? Civilized society has to go beyond such stupid and idiotic system of governance. Life is not only money. Nature should be sacrosanct compared to other artifacts. But the current system doesn’t have such sensibilities! It is time humanity starts dismantling the greed system in its totality. This system is bent on destroying life and all the life support system of the planet. This has been proven time and again!
Theoretically, the party system is by far better that the so-called the presidential system, but there is a catch. Without genuine verifiable transparency, the party will end up becoming just another tool to satisfy the egos of the cravenly wicked politicos and their paying masters! Because of this obvious shortcoming, many a sheeple think the presidential system is to be preferred. But that is like throwing the baby with the water! In the UK and in many other European countries the dominant parties are being kicked out, because the sheeple is no more interested in palliatives and useless rhetoric. People can also see through the wickedness of the manipulative politicos whose interests are not always in tune with that of the people. Unfortunately, when the party system fails, it is not the task of the individual to save it; but rather the sheeple’s. Widespread civil disobedience, the likes of which is happening in the Sudan, is one proven method of challenging a rotten system. The ‘Yellow Vests’ are experimenting with an illusive strategy that is not only frightening the status quo, but is showing the way forward. Thanks to modern informatics, direct democracy is no more a pipedream. Obviously these developments scare the traditional global politicos. Another shortcoming of a presidential system is; an individual can always be coerced to toe the line by the power that be. One phone call from the deep state and the so-called leader (usually of the periphery) will reverse policy, fire undesirable individuals or even dismiss the whole cabinet, enact laws to undermine the interests of the nation in favor of transnational capital, etc., etc.! That is why the archaic system is very much desired by the paid lackeys and demented goons as well as the extremely gullible component of the global sheeple!
The sickeningly entrenched global project of commodifying all and sundry is the main source of human alienation. This process robs humanity its very conscience. The senile system (Samir Amin) has lost the capacity to differentiate good from evil and is leading the global sheeple astray.