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Ethiopiawinet-Council for the Defense of Citizens Rights (E-CDCR) Conference

Ethiopiawinnet: Council for the Defense of Citizen Rights will hold a Conference, at a very incisive time, on the State of Ethio-American Relations on January 21st, 2023, at 10AM EST.

The more than a century diplomatic relationship between the USA and Ethiopia is currently in an indeterminate state, perhaps due to prevailing superpower rivalry in the Horn, or the state of the US diplomatic postures characterized as coercive that lacks long term strategies. It is noteworthy examining ‘what went wrong’ in the American diplomacy towards Ethiopia since 1991 and, particularly, since PM Abiy Ahmed came to power.

The conference will therefore examine (1a) the ebbs and flows of Ethio-American relationships that lasted over one hundred twenty years, (1b) possible causes of sudden miscommunications and resultant trust deficits, particularly in the past three years and (1c) measures that need to be taken with rigorous support of knowledgeable and experienced academics and intellectuals. (2) Honest assessment of Geopolitics of the area and Ethiopia’s importance in the configuration, of elevating relationships based on mutual respect, noninterference in sovereign issues and adoption of long-term policies. (3) Serious considerations on US economic investment, taking South Korea, Taiwan, etc., as examples in Ethiopia and Africa, to successfully compete newly emerging geopolitical and economic rivals in the world; (4) Challenges and opportunities Ethio-American Relations could use and take advantage of a new generation of Ethiopian Americans, as entrepreneurs, intellectuals, etc., as a bridge to solidify relations. More information about the conference including registration information will be provided in a couple of days.