The 31 teams in three groups’ 2022 Ethiopian Super League first round came to an end in midweek, Ethiopia NegedBank, Addis Ababa Ketema and Hambericho-Durame takes the driving seat of their respective groups. NegedBank seats on top of group (A) while Addis Ababa City and Hamericho-Durame is leading group (B) and (C) respectively.
Eight wins, four draws and a single defeat Ethiopia Negedbank is ahead of strong contenders Bench Maji Zone Woldya Ketema. Having four wins and two draws each from the past six fixtures, it is hard to single out any one of the three teams as hot favorite for promotion.
28 point and 13 goals from 14 matches, NegedBank appears to discover the right compass to navigate the side back to the premier league. Though their club is financially strapped and a standard hotel is considered luxury among the players, Bench-Maji and Woldiya Ketema are in strong contention having 27 and 26 points respectively.
Seven wins, three draws and three defeats Addis Ababa City leads group (B) with 24 points and seven goals from 14 matches. Having the same points Shashemene Ketema, is second on the roaster with goal differences while Nekemet Ketema sits third collecting 23 points. Semen-Shoa- Debre-Berhan and Yrrgachefe Ketema are third and fourth respectively each with 23 points but goal differences.
Hambericho-Durame is four points ahead of runner-up Gelan Ketema. With 8 wins and 4 draws Hambericho is the only side in the league with no defeats so far. Gelan Ketema is second with 24 points followed by Silite-Worabe wth 19 and Desse Ketema with 18 points.
Though things on paper shows the promotion contention is real strong, the mid-season players’ transfer market is said to be the most decisive factor to win a promotion. Being the representative of the most successful company in the country Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, NegedBank alias “The Money bags” is the clearest favorite to win group (A).