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In the absolute philosophical or even scientific sense, there is no such thing as sustainability. When we talk about sustainability, it is always in relative and comparative terms. As far as humanity is concerned, fossil fuel deposits are considered finite, in relation to our feeble and temporal existence. The arduous replenishment process of fossil fuel, besides requiring certain unique conditions, resides deep in the geologic or even cosmic zone, literally unimaginable by Homo sapiens, a creature that is seemingly prone to self-destruction.
For instance, certain members of this delicate and relatively complex species think nuclear power is viable and more sustainable. To start with, the element uranium is not only finite (since it is just one element in our finite planet) but is also crudely used by humans. Due to lack of safe and effective converting technology, a whole lot of resources are wasted only to heat water (nuclear reactors are glorified tea pots, kettles to boil water). Moreover, the process of nuclear fission, the one currently used to generate useable power (electrical), produces waste products that are emphatically anti-life!
In the last few months the global price of oil has been rising, mostly as a result of the interplay between supply & demand as well as the war in Ukraine. We will not go into the details of these. Our interest today is to point out the temporal opportunity that can be employed to facilitate our general effort is securing more green energy sources. We believe, instead of adjusting the retail price of fuel (that takes place every month in our country), the Ethiopian government should utilize the differential to help it start, augment, etc. the development of more green or ‘sustainable’ energy projects, like hydro, wind, solar, etc.
Don’t forget, in our global economic regime, which is very stupid and irrational, the whole logic of production and reproduction revolves around the blind and almost suicidal logic of capital and not necessarily that of human. For instance, the grave consequences of burning fossil fuel are hardly appreciated by the unthinking economic system, at least in terms and manners that matter and can make significant differences in the life of not only humans, but also the cumulative life- sustaining ecosystem. The useless conventions (COPs, etc.) that are drummed up here and there are only noises to detract and distract the committed. As we have been saying all along; the beast must completely abandon the nonsense of the status quo and determinedly pursue the project of saving life and the planet on its own, without relying on the cynical shortsighted destructive established order!
For example, oil producing Arab kingdoms/countries own significant shares in almost all the major vehicle manufacturers of the world, either directly through their various sovereign funds, private equity funds, etc. mostly fronted by their minion loyalists. Moreover, tentacles of the industry, distributors, etc. (wherever possible), operate under their fat and not very clean thumbs. Supporting gas-guzzling transport systems across the world is the main task of their elites. All kinds of silly and climate impacting stunts are used to this end. Giving expensive cars to mistresses, chauffeurs, butlers, shoeshine boys, etc. as well as flying a wide bodied jet as a sole passenger, with probably a mistress or two, is another of the decadent value system that is promoted world wide by the polluting entrenched interests. This world doesn’t belong only to this wasteful and degenerate entities, it belongs to all of us (the living) as well as posterity. Those abusing it as if there is no tomorrow, need to be incriminated!
Unfortunately, some countries like India and China still think the nuclear option is a viable and somewhat sustainable proposition; again, we beg to differ! The war in the African Sahel region (to some extent, part of north Africa) is also about another resource war, which of course is hidden from the public eye by the nauseating mainstream media. The resource in question is uranium. France is very dependent on nuclear energy and feels it has to secure uranium, by hook or a crook. When the Chinese signed a big contract to mine uranium ore in the region, all of a sudden instability, coup d’état, terrorism, pestilence and many other things started to emerge. What a coincidence!
Beware, unless we change our life style all together and very, very, soon there will not be any future for humanity. Comfortable life should not be confused with imbecilic and decadent life style. Luckily, the more active global youth has started to deconstruct the childishly archaic ideology and life style perpetuated by the likes of Hollywood, Bollywood, etc.