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Letters To The Editor 17th September, 2018


Dharmendra Kumar,  Rewa Street

Someone once asked me as to why I only read Fiji Sun. I smiled and said , beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.


Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Namaka Nadi

Hands up squad is the norm in any Government because if you do not than you are not a party person.

You will be told to resign effective immediately if you differ as a political candidate from the rest of your cabinet ministers.

And he has rightly joined a political party that will unnecessarily rubbish or attack anything not right they feel does not suit their political agenda.

Watisoni Nata is a firebrand individual, who has forgotten that the Lave Liga Squad was there and invented from the days of his high chief the Turaga Tui Nayau Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara’s government days where he sacked Sakeasi Butadroka, Taniela Veitata, Apisai Tora during his long reign as our first Prime Minister post-independence.

He changed government’s Permanent Secretaries if they do not Lave Liga to his way where he will simply show them the Highway.

Then came Sitiveni Rabuka who is now the SODELPA leader and during his reign where he did absolutely the same.

Because the rule is you must tow the line and show your loyalty to the party leader or you are fired.

Nata should ask Rabuka why that was done? It happened with the Chaudhry and Qarase governments too.

That is no difference to this brave FijiFirst Government.

Watisoni Nata did the very same during his term as the head of the Air Traffic Controllers Union at the Nadi Airport where he removed those union members who did not Lave Liga to his nonsense.

These included the very same union members who formed the Strategic Air Services Limited [SASL Company] in Nadi with him as company director during the reign of the Fiji Labour Party Chaudhry government.

But, it did not last the light of day because of Nata’s arrogance and bad leadership qualities as its CEO.

Inside the SODELPA house there are many untested leadership at national level including tested losing politicians from the old school where Nata will no doubt fit.

As an interim government from December 2006 to a democratically appointed Government in September 2014 by the people and God our FijiFirst Government has been delivering and walking the talk for the past 11 years.

Nata and his cronies were nowhere to be seen.

The FijiFirst Government freebies, initiatives, programmes, incentives, developments or whatever name Nata may want to call it there is one thing certain, the majority eligible registered Fijian Voters have never heard of him before.

SODELPA has delivered nothing but lies since 2014 where they were unable to deliver all that was promised through its party manifesto and they are still at it again. Let’s Go FijiFirst.


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