One of the highlights of the summer season is the chance to barbecue and Aldi make it easy to feed your family the very best produce at an equally brilliant price.

There’s nothing worse than a boring burger or sub-standard sausage when attending (or hosting) a BBQ.

So banish boring BBQ food when you head down to Aldi and take your pick from a range of sizzling BBQ meats on offer at everyday amazing prices, all summer long.

Beef lovers can choose from Scotch Beef Kebabs, flavoured with Sweet Chilli, for just £1.99 a pack or Scotch Beef Sizzle Steaks with a Garlic and Herb or Korean sauce, for £2.99

The Specially Selected Scotch Quarter Pounders, with Scottish Cheese or Caramelised Red Onion, £2.49, are produced from pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle, and really are something special.

And the finger licking and utterly moreish Scotch Boneless Burnt Ends, £3.29, will disappear as quickly as you serve them

The three most recent NFU Scotland ‘shelf watch’ surveys revealed Aldi stocks 100% Scotch Lamb PGI, 96% Scotch Beef PGI and 100% Specially Selected Pork in its everyday ranges, more than any other supermarket in Scotland. This means customers are guaranteed to find the highest quality, locally sourced meat at Aldi stores in Scotland.

Only cattle born, raised and processed in Scotland can carry the Scotch label which, like French Champagne, has legal status under European law and its PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) mark offers the consumer unparalleled quality assurance.

For food lovers, it’s a crucial stamp of approval with a guarantee of quality, traceability and animal welfare.

Lamb is in season just now, so choose from delicious Scotch Lamb Kebabs, in Minted or Tikka flavours, just £1.99 for a pack, or Scotch Lamb Gourmet Burgers, either Minted flavour or Moroccan Tagine, that cost just £1.99.

Everything is pre-marinated and ready just to stick on the barbie - easy.

Kids will love the Pork Jumbo Sausages from Simon Howie, and parents will love the price, just £2.29, and they are made from the highest quality ingredients.

Aldi has always supported local producers such as Brownings, the family run bakery from Ayrshire that’s been producing rolls and cakes since 1945.

But they remain bang up to date with modern tastes and have added Big Brioche Buns (79p), Sourdough Rolls (69p) and 6 inch Sub Rolls (59p) to their range, all perfect for a barbeque.

For something a little different, try the Infused Scottish Salmon Fillets, at £3.09, which come in Piri Piri or Smoky BBQ flavour. Pop them straight onto the grill or wrap in tinfoil and bake for a showstopping dish.

Is there anything nicer than the aroma of a delicious BBQ on a sunny evening? It's enough to make your neighbours' mouths water.

Everything tastes nicer when you’re outside and little wonder Scots take every opportunity to cook al fresco while they can - and with Aldi you can enjoy the best food, whatever the weather.

See in store for all these and more - including a great range of craft beers and gins - guaranteed to make every barbecue brilliant.

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