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Aiden Fucci hearing – The 5 shocking things ‘teen and his mom did after he stabbed cheerleader Tristyn Bailey 114 times’

IN the days following cheerleader Tristyn Bailey's death her accused killer boasted of having fun in the back of a police car and also saw his own mom arrested.

Aiden Fucci, 14, is now facing a first-degree murder charge and will appear in court on Thursday after 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey was found dead with 114 stab wounds in May.

An autopsy showed Bailey, whose body was found near Fucci’s home in St Johns, Florida, on Mother's Day, had fought for her life.

Prosecutors quickly turned their attention to Fucci - who had attended school with Tristyn - and he was later charged as an adult in the case.

Footage released in August showed he had shared a clip to Snapchat "having fun in cop car" shortly after her death.

An additional clip showed what prosecutors allege was his mom Crystal Smith, washing blood off her son's jeans.

She was then charged with evidence tampering in connection with Bailey's death.

Florida attorney  R.J. Larizza said Fucci had told friends that he was going to kill someone within the next 30 days before Tristyn was killed.

According to Larizza, the 14-year-old specifically detailed that he would "take someone into the woods and stab them."

And a search of the teen's room reportedly found a Buck knife sheath and a pair of shoes and shirt with blood on them.

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Police say they also found several pocket knives and a "homemade shank."

Here The Sun takes a detailed look at the case which shocked a nation.


Cheerleader Tristyn's body was found with "Karma" written on her ankle, according to a report released in July.

The word was written in blue ink on her left ankle while a smiley face was drawn on the inside of her right ankle.

It is not known who is responsible for the drawings.

Bailey's body was found in a wood near a lake by her Florida home after surveillance footage appeared to show her walking there with Fucci on the night of May 9.


In August Snapchat footage released by cops showed Fucci and a friend in the back of a patrol car.

"We're having fun, in a f****** cop car," Fucci says.

They each mention "Tristyn," with Fucci saying, "Tristyn if you f****** walk out the damn" and the friend suggesting she would "see this in a month."

In a second video, Fucci says, "They've got us in a f****** cop car .... tripping dude," the video then cuts out.


Fucci's mom was then arrested for allegedly tampering with evidence.

The State Attorney's Office shared images of what investigators allege was Crystal Smith washing blood off her son's jeans.

She allegedly washed the pants while deputies were interviewing her son.

After the jeans and a drain in his home tested positive for blood, Smith was charged with evidence tampering in connection with Bailey's death.

State Attorney R.J. Larizza said: "Tampering with evidence is tampering with justice and cannot be excused or tolerated,"


Prosecutors say Fucci told friends he wanted to "take someone into the woods and stab them."

"He didn't say who that was but he indicated that he was going to kill someone by taking them into the woods and stabbing them which are certainly the facts of this case," Larizza continued.

One friend told cops that a month before Bailey's murder, Fucci had talked about bringing someone into the woods and stabbing them, according to the St Augustine Record.

The friend said Fucci  "would take his knife out and pretend to stab her with it."

"Aiden would draw graphic pictures depicting mutilated bodies," she said.

The friend also claimed that Fucci heard voices when he was angry that would tell him to kill people, according to the police report.

"Aiden knew something was wrong with him and wanted to reach out for help," she said.


On the night of Tristyn's death, Larizza says the pair had been hanging out with a few friends before they were eventually left alone together.

Fucci is said to have told cops he pushed 13-year-old Tristyn to the ground after she "grabbed his penis."

New documents released by the State Attorney’s Office in August revealed the claims.

Fucci is said to have told cops an argument erupted between the pair as they walked back from a friend's house in the early hours of the morning.

Showing deputies the path they took, Fucci claimed to police that when the two passed Leith Hall Drive, Bailey "grabbed his penis" which made him "p**sed", and an argument ensued, reports Action News Jax.

He told authorities he then pushed her hard to the ground and she hit her head. According to the report, Fucci said he left her there.

Additional footage emerged showing Fucci walking with Bailey on the night she was killed.

Florida prosecutors allege that the clip they have as evidence shows Fucci with Bailey the night of her death, and then running alone later that same night. 


In September Fucci appeared in court rocking back and forth in his chair and saying he wouldn't let "you demons take my soul."

He was seen in a stream of the hearing from St John's County Courthouse looking scared as he swayed in his chair and stared into the space above while calling into the court from Duval County jail.

The Florida teen then held the phone receiver in his hand as he stared straight ahead.

He was also heard asking, "Why am I here?" according to a WTLV reporter.

"I just want to talk to my mom and dad. What's going on?" Fucci says in a video of the stream posted to social media.

"What's going on?" he repeats twice again.

"I won't let you demons take my soul, demons take my soul away," he says in another clip as his eyes dart around the room.

Fucci, who is being tried as an adult, has pleaded not guilty.

His mother was released after posting a $25,000 bond.

Aiden Fucci timeline

Aiden Fucci is a 14-year-old teenager suspected of murdering 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey.

May 9: Tristyn Bailey is reported missing by her family.

Later May 9: Tristyn's body was found.

May 10: Aiden Fucci is arrested and held at the Department of Juvenile Justice facility in Daytona Beach, Florida.

May 11: Fucci appears in court and is ordered to remain in juvenile detention for 21 days.

Later May 11: Officials release details on Tristyn's death and how she died.

May 27: Officials announced Fucci would be tried as an adult. His charge was updated to premeditated first-degree murder.

June 3: Fucci pleads not guilty in Tristyn's murder.

June 5: Fucci's mother, Crystal Smith, was arrested for "allegedly tampering with evidence." She surrendered herself to the custody of the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

August 24: New video released allegedly showed Fucci walking with Tristyn on the night of her death and running alone later. Another video allegedly showed Fucci's mother washing what appeared to be blood off her son's jeans.

September 1: Fucci and his mother were both scheduled to appear in court. However, Fucci's court date was rescheduled to October 28 due to technical issues.

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