Great Britain

Amazing archive photos show history of Britain’s eccentric characters dating back to 70s


THESE stunning archive photos document the lives of Britain's eccentric characters from the 1970s to the present day.

Captured by renowned London-born photographer Bob Mazzer, the new self-titled collection features a series of fascinating timeless stills that he started taking when he was going through a "happy hippie phase" during the 70s.

Gifted his first camera at 13, the famous photojournalist — best known for his illustrious career at Time Out — snapped his best work taken throughout the country since the 70s as well as a stint capturing the local faces by the seaside in Hastings and St Leonards, East Sussex.

Candid shots of the streets of London also feature as do timeless stills of the London Underground ⁠— his signature work.

For most people, the 1970s are a period synonymous with a poor economy, high inflation, employment struggles and strikes, typified by the Winter of Discontent.

On the other hand, 1980s are seen as the decade of glamour and razzmatazz and, most memorably, the decade of Margaret Thatcher and the decline of the unions and the miners strike.

The 90s saw the explosion of Britpop, Friends and the internet, book-ended with Tony Blair's 1997 election victory and Mr Mazzer's photos chart, the changing face of the nation.

His nostalgic images, which feature in a book released later this month, feature kids trick or treating, sunburned holidaymakers, men and women flirting amd students spacing out on the grass.

The pictures are an enlightening insight into everyday life in Britain during a period plentiful in radical change.