OFFICIALS from a Trafford rugby club have hit out at teenagers who have been climbing on the roof of their clubhouse despite calls for social distancing and lockdown over the coronavirus crisis.

Trafford MV posted on social media calling out for social distancing to be a high priority in the public battle against the virus.

Publicity officer Wilf Dooley said: “The club sends out a thank you message to neighbouring residents who highlighted a group of teenagers loitering around the club premises to management.

“One of the group had climbed onto the roof of the building whilst the rest of the group sat in close proximity on the clubs patio area.

“Although the club’s initial worry was the possibility of damage or theft, it quickly became of enormous interest that the kids had no interest in their social responsibility of doing everything possible to reduce and minimise the risk of spread.

“Once the photo had hit Facebook criticism was rife and soon escalated further when a mother condoned her son's apparent good behaviour.

“Being a club that is very much dedicated to it’s youth section, it does not want to condone from a distance so is just putting a message out to all young people to say that this virus is a killer and does not discriminate.

“We are all equally at risk of contagion and not everyone comes out on the happy side - irrespective of age. Stay at home and stay apart and stay strong.”

Cllr John Lamb, who represents Ashton-Upon-Mersey ward, said: ““The actions of the person on the roof is reckless as this could have been an accident or incident that could have required the blue light services to come and help someone and adding to hospital services.”

He said the actions of the youngsters "clearly begs the question" of why parents were allowing teens to go out.