Anti-lockdown protesters have congregated in London despite warnings from police that they could be arrested.

Demonstrators, many of who were not wearing masks, joined protests about the government's measures to lockdown England.

Police were seen at King's Cross and Marble Arch in London arresting protesters this morning.

One man was arrested and put into a van to be taken away from the ‘Our Movement’ demonstration which is also protesting about the Covid vaccine and wearing masks.

While another was caught on video showing a lone man at King's Cross screaming in pain as he falls to the ground and sobs while police officers detain him and lead him away.

Police were seen at King's Cross and Marble Arch in London arresting protesters this morning

As the demonstration moved through central London more people were arrested.

One eyewitness, took to Twitter, he wrote: "Police continued handcuffing several demonstrators as an anti-lockdown protest weaved through central London streets.

"Officers asked those in a noisy crowd to go home as the march abruptly changed its direction on the way to Oxford Circus."

A man is taken away

Met Police said on Twitter: "Crowds continue to protest and gather in the vicinity of Oxford Circus and Regent Street, a number of police officers are on scene.

"We are urging people to leave the area and go home. If not, you may face arrest or enforcement action."

Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers posted tweets which suggested grassroots group Save Our Rights UK called Unite For Freedom – Time For Action marched from St Pancras through Angel to Marble Arch.

Police detain a man

And people arrested were heard chanting "freedom" they were also carrying placards that said "stop controlling us" and "no more lockdowns".

Under the current coronavirus regulations in England a protest is not permitted, the Met Police said in a statement.

Police officers wearing protective face coverings

Chief Superindendent Stuart Bell, policing commander for this weekend said: “The Met has a proud history of facilitating protest. However, our city is in a critical fight against Covid-19 and we cannot allow gatherings to jeopardise the progress and sacrifices our communities have made in fighting this virus.

“That is why we will be taking action in relation to prohibited gatherings on the streets of London, including those related to protest across the capital this weekend.

He went on to ask anyone who was considering attending to "reconsider and stay at home".

Bell added: “This type of behaviour not only breaks the law, it also risks spreading the virus between multiple areas of the country. It is for this reason that we urge people not to travel into London and this is also why we will be taking appropriate enforcement action if this happens.”

On Friday November 27, the number of UK coronavirus cases dropped by 21 per cent in a week - with 521 more deaths reported in the last 24 hours.