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'Deeply disturbing': Sister of alleged killer of Ahmaud Arbery shared Snapchat of black jogger's dead body

The sister of Travis McMichael, who is alleged to have murdered Ahmaud Arbery, has admitted that she posted a disturbing image of the 25-year-old’s dead body on Snapchat because she is a "true crime fan".

“The thing is I’m a huge fan of true crime – I listen to four or five podcasts a week – I’m constantly watching that sort of thing,” said the 30-year-old. “It was more of a, ‘Holy s**t, I can’t believe this has happened”.

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She added: "It was absolutely poor judgement."

The admission comes as images, said to be those Ms McMichael posted on Snapchat the day Mr Arbery was shot dead, circulated amongst locals in Brunswick, Georgia.

The image showed the young black man’s body on the ground, soaked in blood.

Lee Merrit, an attorney representing the Arbery family, commented that both the McMichaels’ actions and the Snapchat post were “disturbing”.

"First you have [Gregory] McMichael sharing with a news station a video of the murder then you have his daughter sharing an image of Ahmaud's bullet-ridden body on Snapchat,” said Mr Merrit. “It's deeply disturbing behavior."

"It also highlights that there are probably more video and more images of before, during and after Ahmaud's murder - these images aren't meant for public consumption in this way,” the attorney added.

His family’s lawyers told the paper that Glynn County police had “harassed” the young black man, and that “this appears to be just a glimpse into the kind of scrutiny Ahmaud Arbery faced not only by this police department, but ultimately regular citizens like the McMichaels and their posse, pretending to be police officers.”

That comes as an attorney representing the 64 and 34-year old suspects, who were arrested on 7 May, said that additional video of the February 23 shooting could exonerate the father and son.

“There are a number of photographs, there are a number of records,” attorneys Franklin and Laura Hogue said last Friday.

“All of those will have to be assimilated, and importantly, time-lined, so that every single second, our hope is, will put together the truth of what happened on the 23rd [of February].”

Ms McMichael told The Sun last week that she did not believe her brother and father had murdered Mr Arbery, and said: “I will until the day that I die believe that he had no intention of malice like that."

Video showing the young black man’s murder caused widespread outrage when it was posted online earlier this month.

The McMichaels’ were then arrested almost two months after the shooting, whilst many criticised Glynn County police inaction.

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