AN ARTIST is challenging people to look past the surface of society as he draws on modern day pressures to produce art.

Jamie George from Blackburn experimented with different styles before he settled on incorporating popular culture and commentary in his classic noir and black work tattoo technique.

The dad-of-one even draws after having nightmares.

He said: “It comes from a lot of anger.

Things like people being stuck in their life with nothing else but low wage jobs.

“I have been working class all my life and I’ve never had any money.

“Last year I was working six days a week and I was just able to survive.

“People can blindly follow things without questioning them and sometimes seeing it can help them find out for themselves.”

The production worker says he feels his inspiration behind his work is to challenge modern day society.

He said: “I was in a band before, and it was full of comedy and satire of today’s world.

“I have always been into music, but with the type I do you can’t really money off it, and you wouldn’t hear it on radio.

The band dressed up in costumes and performed songs that mocked political ideologies and pop culture.

Unfortunately, they had to break up and Mr George since found art as a new avenue.

Among the artist’s creations is a man with a rabbit head, which depicts the horror sitcom by David Lynch.

An unsettling piece of a hand with an eye, and the words ‘help’ is to show the mental health crisis in the world.

Another picture shows the distorted ideology of Miss World pageants, mocking the premise as Mr George said: “I feel it can be really negative for your health trying to stay skinny for the sake of looking good in a pageant.

“I think people should challenge everything they see and not take it just at face value.

“Art for me is just a hobby that I am trying to escalate further into hopefully a career.”

One biometric design mirrors a nightmare the artist says terrified him.

He said: “I don’t remember too much, but everyone I saw was a kind of shadow and there was this symbol everywhere.

“I got up and just had an urge to draw the symbol, but every time I look at it, it makes me feel uneasy.”

To follow and see some of his work visit his red bubble and Instagram page, Popstar Bowser.