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Bensons for Beds: Company hails 'genuinely British-made success story' and unveils special offers plan

BEDWARE manufacturers Bensons for Beds’ new range has been recognised as the most successful launch in the company’s 70-year history.

The Accrington based company launched the new rolled up mattress range, Rollo by Slumberland, three months ago and since then sales have exceeded all expectations and outpaced sales recorded by any previous rolled up bed range released by the firm.

The mattresses are designed to fit into cars and to suit a wide variety of styles.

Bensons for Beds chief operating officer Joe Wykes said: “Customers love our new Rollo by Slumberland range, and it’s been one of our fastest selling new products – testament to its quality and value.

“But supporting each Rollo mattress is not only the years of work by the team at Bensons, but the love care and expertise of a number of our key suppliers.

“Rollo is genuinely a British-made success story.”

This comes at a busy time for the company, which can trace its history back to 1876 and has recently recruited an additional 25 manufacturing operatives to work on an additional shift thanks to sustained high demand for products, including Rollo by Slumberland, and which will soon be taking on another 20.

Bensons’ Huntingdon site now employs about 350 people, including around 100 agency workers.

They too will soon have a busy time ahead of them, with the company soon planning to launch ‘Black November’ an extending period throughout the whole of the month which will be presenting customers with a range of special offers.

Mr Wykes said: said: “We know that many people look forward to finding a bargain on Black Friday to help them with big ticket items in the run-up to Christmas.

“But in a world changed by the pandemic, we think cramming everything into one day or one weekend is not what customers now want.

“That’s why we’re introducing Black November to take the stress out of shopping.

“Buying a bed or a mattress is a big decision and we want to help people take their time to make the right choice so they can be sure they’ll get a good night’s sleep for years to come.”

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