If you're looking to get around quicker with a little bit of electric assistance, an e-bike is great way to keep fit and nice and convenient in case you do get tired.

The best bike to go for will heavily depend on what kid of journeys you intend to make. If you'll mainly be commuting around town, you'll want a light and nippy model, however, if you're going on rough terrain you'll need something a little bit more robust.

E-bikes are a little bit heavier as they need to accommodate the battery, so it's something to think about if you'll want to move around with ease. Naturally, the better and more advanced the battery, the higher the price.

How much you spend can vary quite drastically, with foldable bike brand like Windgoo on Amazon starting quite reasonably at under £300. When looking at top performers like Brompton and Trek you can expect to pay anywhere upwards of £2,000 for their best electric sellers.

We've rounded up some of the top options well worth considering for all of your cycling needs.

Best electric bikes to buy in the UK

Windgoo Electric Bike

The Windgoo is a great starting electric bike, perfect for commutes and short adventures out and about. The bike is 100% electric making it completely free of emissions, saving you some pennies and helping the environment out too.

It's got a fairly easy setup with clear instructions and a sleek dolphin shaped design, which is nice to look at and ergonomic for folding up neatly.

This bike boasts a 350W high-speed motor, with 36V & 6.0Ah lithium battery that helps you to build and maintain a steady speed. Its got a fast charging system too, which only requires around three to four hours for optimal power.

Price: £289.99, Amazon - buy here now

B'TWIN Tilt 500 Folding Electric Bike

Another folding bike and a super stylish option with some pretty advanced features to make your journey more convenient.

If you're looking for a new commuting companion - this is a top buy under £1000 well worth it. It's super versatile and folds down neatly in as little as 30 seconds.

There's six adjustable speeds to choose from to get you around on and off the road. Electric assistance is controlled by your pedaling power, helping you to get further in your journey without getting tired as quickly.

Price: £749.99, Decathlon - buy here now

Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike

If you need a little bit of an extra boost as your ride around town, the Somerby from Pendleton is one of the premium city bikes to look at.

It has a elegant look, featuring a low step through frame it's nice a simple to get on and off of without too much bother, there's also mudguards and convenient racks for storage.

It boasts a Li-Ion Phylion battery that charges fully in five hours and has a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge - perfect for scenic days out.

Price: £999, Halfords - buy here now

eelo 1885 Pro Folding Electric Bike

The 1885 Pro from eelo is definitely one to think about if you're looking for quick travel, that's easy to pick up between bus and train journeys.

The folding bike features a waterproof LCD display which tells you the speed, distance and battery consumption.

Thanks to 3-speed fully automated pedal assistance, you'll be able to enjoy your ride more, without the need to give it your all. A brushless 250W motor combined with an intelligent controller gives you the most responsive experience, that can comfortably take you along roads and uphill with ease too.

Price: £1299.99, Amazon - buy here now

Brompton Electric Bike

Brompton Bikes are among the most popular folding bike brands out there today, the electric versions of the much loved model will set you back a bit, but the investment isn't too bad when you can build your own.

Bikes are fully customisable, with everything from the colour, gear options and riding style able to tweak to suit your every preference.

The bike has a 20-45 mile on a single charge, that takes around four hours to power up. It folds and unfolds in as little as 20 seconds, nice and convenient wherever you are.

The Brompton E-Bike also comes with a 1.5 litre essentials bag too.

Price: From: £2595, Brompton - buy here now

Assist Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike

Ideal for short commutes or leisure riding, this hybrid electric bike from Assist boasts a 209Wh battery, delivering an adequate range of up to 20 miles from a single charge.

The extra power is a good option for hills or strenuous routes where you could do with the boost.

It's not got the most range compared to some of its competitors, but is worth the thought if you'll only be making up shorter distances.

Price: £649, Halfords - buy here now

Carrera Subway Mens Electric Hybrid Bike

If you like the look of the Assist Hybrid, but need something with a little bit more range, you'll get a lot more out of this L-frame Subway Hybrid from Carrera.

On a single charge, the 374Wh battery will give you up to 60 miles of pedalling assistance, allowing you to reach speeds of 15.5mph.

With a lightweight frame and powerful hydraulic Tektro disc brakes stopping safely and sharply is a breeze, on or off road.

Price: £1099, Halfords - buy here now

Trek Powerfly 4 2020 Electric Mountain Bike

If you're more interested in tearing up the trails and utilising the rougher terrain, Trek's Powerfly is a pricey option, with some serious proof to its pudding

Built with robust parts, like a 9-speed Shimano drive train and a powerful Bosch Performance CX motor, the Powerfly is a trail bike with the abilities and tech of the best quality mountain ikebs.

The 500Wh battery makes this the ideal companion for long days out where you might need the occasional boost for taking on steep inclines and for propelling you down them too.

Price: £2550, Evans Cycles - buy here now

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