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BGT champ Lost Voice Guy spending prize money on GEORDIE accent

The stand-up comedian, real name Lee Ridley, has cerebral palsy and cannot speak.

But he tells jokes through a text-to speech synthesizer app.

And although he comes from County Durham, he says no-one would know because his computer’s voice sounds like a posh BBC presenter.

He told the Daily Star last night through his gadget: “I’m definitely going to get a Geordie accent for my iPad. It would give me a bit more identity.”

lost voice guy bgt lee ridley ITV

LOST VOICE GUY: The stand-up comedian, has cerebral palsy and cannot speak

lost voice guy bgt ITV

BGT WINNER: He’ll use his £250,000 to upgrade his iPad so he can speak with a Geordie accent

“Contrary to popular belief, disabled people can actually have sex”

Lee Ridley

Since his first appearance on BGT, 37-year-old Lee has attracted an army of admirers.

But he is shocked by the weird questions they ask him such as “How do you have sex?”

He joked: “Contrary to popular belief, disabled people can actually have sex. And if I have managed to convince someone to sleep with me, then there’s still hope for the rest of the disabled population as well.”

“Obviously it’d be awkward if I started to talk dirty in bed. There’s no way I can do that to a woman without her imagining she was in bed with Robocop!”

Lee – who wowed the audience with jokes about himself and his disability – said:

“I’m thrilled to have won. I have several support workers who help me get to all of my gigs and my family have always supported me as well.”

Now he has won the chance to perform in front of royalty at this year’s Royal Variety Performance.

He teased: “I do have jokes in mind for the Queen. I just hope she likes them or I might end up in the Tower of London... or having to talk to Prince Charles!”

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