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Blackburn 10-year-old saved sister choking on Lego brick

A 10-YEAR-OLD became a hero when he saved his little sister from choking on a piece of Lego.

Harrison Walmsley performed the Heimlich manoeuvre successfully on six-year-old Eva, dislodging the Lego stuck in her throat.

He had recently learnt about the life-saving technique at his school St Mary’s RC Primary School in Osbaldeston during a 'Flat Stan' first aid course designed for children to help people in emergencies.

His dad, Brian Walmsley, of Blackburn, said: “The Flat Stan first aid training provided Harrison with the skills and confidence to help his sister in this emergency situation.

“Harrison is a naturally calm boy and we are exceptionally proud of him for remembering what he was taught and for putting that into action.

“It was concerning when we saw what was happening, but we are proud of Harrison.”

Eva had put a plastic Lego block in her mouth and started to choke, she then ran to Harrison’s room who remembered his Flat Stan training and did a Heimlich manoeuvre on her.

He remained calm and shouted downstairs for his parents to help and thankfully Eva had stopped choking.

Mr Walmsley immediately took Eva to the hospital where the hospital confirmed later that night that no obstruction remained and that they were happy that the plastic had probably moved down and would work its way out. Harrison stayed at home with his mum and was shaken by the incident.

He told his parents how he had felt stressed at having to put his training into action but how he had managed to remain calm and he had been able to remember what to do.

Mr Walmsley said: “Harrison did not sleep that night, he wanted to stay up and see that she was alright.

“So, he did not go to sleep until she got back home more than three hours later. It was after midnight when Eva came back home.

“We are extremely proud and grateful to the school for the training, this incident just goes to show how important it is for people of all ages to learn basic first aid.”

The incident happened on August 17. Harrison's former teacher Miss Sarah Kellett said: “We found out in the holidays from their mum what had happened.

“Harrison had first aid training last year, where someone came in and taught the children how to give first aid and what to do in an emergency.

“We are really proud that he used his training and skill and it’s amazing he could do it. He has proved that doing this training really is a skill.

“When I told other teachers about what had happened they were all so proud and tear-filled because he saved a life and we do care for the children.”

Headteacher Maria Coulthard, said: “Harrison’s quick thinking and ability to remain calm in a potentially life-threatening situation by putting into practice what he’d learned in school, has made myself and the whole school community at St Mary’s, Osbaldeston so proud of him.”

Mr Walmsley, meanwhile, said Eva has vowed never to put a Lego piece near her mouth again.

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