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Brexit could spawn robot bricklayers and surveying drones at building sites – and cost job

Cyborgs – humans with mechanical elements – are already common in car manufacturing and building site trials have shown “promise”.

But real-life brickies are concerned they could take valuable work away from them.

The robot manufacturers claim the machines can lay a mighty 3,000 bricks a day – compared with the 300-to-600 a human could expect to do.

Drones can also be used for surveying, inspections and monitoring progress.


MECHANICAL: This arm can lay 3,000 bricks a day, compared with 300-600 that a human can do (Pic: SHUTTERSTOCK/PHOTOMONTAGE )



“It’s unsurprising that UK developers are more open to disruptive technologies to keep Britain building post Brexit”

Ian Wimpenny

Companies such as New York-based Construction Robotics and Australia’s Fastbrick are among the market leaders in new construction technology.

Altus Group’s Real Estate Development Trends report surveyed 400-plus major property developers, each with more than £200million worth of property under development.

And it showed nearly half (47%) of companies predict that construction site robots will bring disruptive change.

The research also showed 65% of developers globally are facing labour shortages.

Altus Group director Ian Wimpenny said: “It’s unsurprising that UK developers are more open to disruptive technologies to keep Britain building post Brexit.”

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