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Britney Spears admits she felt like an ‘ugly duckling’ when she was younger because of her ‘bad teeth and forehead’

BRITNEY Spears has admitted that she used to feel like an "ugly duckling" when she was younger because of her "bad teeth".

The 38-year-old star was showing off her new bangs in an Instagram post when she made the candid confession - also revealing that "only pretty people" exposed their foreheads in her home state of Louisiana.

Taking to her social media page, the singer shared a stunning photo of herself staring into the camera, unsmiling.

Most of her hair is pulled into an up-do, with the bangs framing her heavily-lined eyes.

Britney is wearing a patterned dress with frilly sleeves, accessorizing with two choker necklaces.

Speaking openly in the post's caption, the mother-of-two wrote: "I know I need bangs!!!!! Who would have thought bangs could make you look waaaaay younger?!?!

"I stopped having bangs in the 3rd grade and I remember like it was yesterday .... it was such a big deal to expose my forehead... only pretty people in the south could do that and I never felt pretty enough to pull it off.

"All the beauty pageant girls did it but I never felt beauty pageants were my thing … I had bad teeth and felt like an ugly duckling."

Britney went on to add that she even attempted a modelling career but was rejected because of her looks, continuing: "I met with a modelling agency but I wasn’t pretty enough so I went home and said, 'maybe I can be like the older girls and show my forehead'!!!!

"I did and it looked sooooo bad but I thought I was gorgeous!!!! I think I knew it didn’t look good but I did it because I thought it made me cool .... and I’ve pretty much had it like that ever since!!!!

"People choose different ways to protect themselves... When I pull my bangs in front of my head I feel like I’m protected... Almost like I’m in 3rd grade again."

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Despite not making it as a child model, Britney catapulted to fame shortly afterwards, releasing her debut single ...Baby One More Time at the age of 16.

Her followers were understandably stunned that she felt so insecure as a child, with one commenting: "Girl, you’re stunning, the prettiest woman alive, like hello? You’re BRITNEY SPEARS".

A second added: "I'm so sorry you felt like that you are one of the most beautiful women inside and out."

Others praised her for her honesty, writing: "You’re so pretty with or without bangs Britney..... Thank you for the heartfelt post, you are a self-confidence role model!!!"

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