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Campaigners worried £72 million Kendal flooding scheme plans are being delayed

A flood action group is concerned things could get worse for Kendal if certain residents continue to oppose plans for flood defences.

Since the devastating flooding of 2016, the Environment Agency has been in discussions with scores of residents and community groups, about a potential £72 million investment to reduce the risk of flooding to 1,480 homes and 1,100 business.

The latest Kendal Town Council meeting was informed how work is going on along areas of the river, but campaigners were concerned that residents opposing large scale flood defences are holding up the progress of the much need development.

Maggie Mason, from the North East Kendal flood action group said: "North East Kendal flood action group is totally in favour of the flood defences scheme, and believe that the Environment Agency is doing a good job in finalising the details that the town council are looking at now.

"Residents have been waiting five years for these defences and the sooner we get phase one completed, the sooner they can start on phase three upstream for flood storage."

Ian Kell, secretary of the Benson and Sands flood action group also wants to see further progress, and wants local residents and those against any development to look at it in a pragmatic manner.

"We have 1,400 houses under threat and millions of pounds worth of business under threat every winter unless we start this project now.

"There is too much eco gobbledygook being spouted by people who should know better. These people are actively delaying the project.”

And at the recent town council meeting, councillor Graham Vincent insisted the work needs to take place, and it needs to take place as soon as possible.

The councillor explained: "This is a key action program for us. We intend to improve the quality of the flood relief scheme along the Aynam Road.

"A lot of trees, however, would have to go to build the flood relief scheme which some people will not approve of.

“We want 700 metres of stone wall and 700 meters of glass panels on top of the wall so views won't be spoilt by just a solid stone wall.

"But when we build it, it will have unrestricted views and hopefully be built by a British firm. It will cost but, above all, we need to get a move on now.”

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