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Caroline Flack’s twin Jody remained her closest friend despite lives being worlds apart

THEIR lives were worlds apart - but Caroline Flack’s twin sister Jody remained one of her closest friends.

The star told how she and her non-identical sister were inseparable growing up, even sharing the same bed until they were four.

She wrote in her 2015 book, Storm In A C Cup: “The great thing about having a twin is that you always have someone to play with.

"During the whole of my childhood, from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to sleep, I never knew what it was like to be alone.”

Until they were 16 Caroline and Jody did everything together, and then Caroline went off to stage school in Cambridge and Jody stayed behind.

Caroline said: “It was very difficult to be apart.”

Then as adults, the twins took very different paths.

Jody, 40, who worked as a film editor, met her partner in her early twenties.

She went on to become a full time mum to children Zuzu, Willow and Delilah, keeping herself firmly out of the limelight.

Meanwhile, Caroline pursued her high flying career in showbiz and a series of more turbulent relationships.

Caroline said recently: “We have completely different lives, but we each enjoy each other’s life vicariously.”

Even when they were children growing up in rural Norfolk, Caroline believed that Jody was “seen as prettier, cleverer and more sensible,” while she was “the wild child.”

But their differences never affected their incredibly close bond.

Caroline said: “It’s almost like they split one person and took the opposite sides, so we don’t have anything in common.

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"I’ve got all the emotions and the worries, whereas Jo’s very placid, calm and together....When we come together, we make one person.”

In 2018, to celebrate their birthday, Caroline shared some old photos of herself and Jody on Twitter.

She wrote: “ I can’t explain what it’s like to be a twin because I don’t know any different.

“But what I do know is that we will always look after each other and not let ANYONE or anything come between us.

"She’s also a complete tw** like me. Love you Jo x.”

The star also revealed that the tattoo of two hearts she had inked on her wrist represented herself and Jody.

Caroline was a devoted to aunt to her nieces and nephews. She described herself as “half their mum and half their auntie”, adding that she “adored hanging out with them.”

She spent much of her free time with Jody in London, where they both lived.


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When things were tough in her personal life, Caroline admitted that she would flee to Jody’s for TLC, craving her twin’s soothing lentil soup.

Caroline said: “My twin sister Jody inspires me more and more as we get older.

“She’s always looked after me. It’s probably got something to do with being six minutes older! She’s got my back and is very protective.”

One friend described in December 2019 how Caroline always wanted a relationship with someone who could be her “other half.”

The source said: “She’s a twin and so much of her identity is tied into being half of a duo, with someone else. She’s so successful but can’t see it sometimes.

"She wants to be part of a pair, a relationship makes her feel like herself.”

As well as Jody, Caroline leaves behind her elder sister Elizabeth, her elder brother Paul, and her parents Christine and Ian.

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