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Casualty star Leslie Ash’s heartbreak over not being allowed to look after her grandchildren alone

CASUALTY star Leslie Ash reveals her heartbreak over not being allowed to look after her grandchildren alone.

The actress has returned to the BBC medical drama after an 11-year hiatus and has also bagged a part in day time soap Doctors.

Leslie, 61, has been through a challenging time as suffered a life-changing spinal infection, which made her route back into showbiz a tough one.

There has been more great news for the Vanessa star recently as se became a grandmother for the first time in April after eldest son Joe, 31, and fiancée Farah, 30, welcomed baby Lucas.

She told The Mirror: "It was the best shock and we were both delighted. I’ve got shivers just thinking about it."

However, she is worried about not being able to look after Lucas on her own until she reaches a certain age.

"I am scared. I can’t run and any mother will know that there are scary moments where you have to be able to run after your children to protect them, or stop them doing something.

"I’ll never be able to be alone with Lucas until he’s a certain age because I couldn’t be fully responsible."

She added: "It is. I also won’t be able to run around and play with him as much as I’d like.

"That’s what my mum did with my kids. Still, there are plenty of other ways we can have fun."

Delighted to be back on screen, Leslie shared: "It’s lovely to be working again. I suppose, with lockdown, a lot of people have gone through what I went through when I was recovering from my spinal infection.

"You suddenly find yourself at home, not working, and so it’s great to be back."

When asked about her new role, Leslie explained: "A long time ago – it doesn’t feel that long but I worked it out to be about 10 years ago – I played a wonderful character called Vanessa Lytton, who was the chief executive of Holby City.

"She brought quite a bit of trouble to the hospital and ended up having to leave. I thought I’d seen the back of her until I was recently asked to come back for an episode."

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