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China’s terrifying new stealth bomber ‘could launch a nuclear sneak attack on Pearl Harbour’

CHINA'S terrifying new stealth bomber will be capable of launching a sneak nuclear strike on Pearl Harbour, it's feared.

The state-of-the-art H-20 can carry a massive weapons payload of 45 tonnes and fly up to 7,500 miles without refuelling, say worrying reports.

The 630mph war machine has a “truly intercontinental” capacity expanding its reach far beyond China's seaboard, according to a leading think tank.

Although it is still under development, the Pentagon fears one day it will be able to target US overseas territories such as Guam.

Other analysts believe its range will easily bring Hawaii - 6,000 miles away - into reach in chilling echoes of the 1941 attack by the Japanese.

The bomber's deadly potential is highlighted in a report by the London-based Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, reports the South China Morning Post.

“Armed with nuclear and conventional stand-off missiles, the H-20 would represent a major break from previous PLAAF (People's Liberation Army Air Force) doctrine and equipment development practice,” it reads.

The PLAAF is designed to be a regional force capable of missions on the first island chain – ranging from the Kuril Islands to Japan and onto the Philippines.

“The H-20, by contrast, would give China a truly intercontinental power-projection capability,” the report said.

Plans for the H-20 were first announced in 2016 and the nuclear bomber may be ready to enter service in five years.

The wings have been modelled on the US Northrop Gruman B-2 Spirit stealth bomber.

That "strategic bomber" was designed to penetrate anti-aircraft defences and drop devastating nuclear payloads.

Reports have said the H-20 will be able to deliver a payload of 45 tonnes, including nukes, and fire hypersonic cruise missiles.

Its eventual unveiling is a huge milestone for the Chinese Air Force.

Importantly,  the Hong-20 will also complete the country's so-called "nuclear triad".

This consists of ground-based ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles and the long-range nuclear-capable bombers.

Last month, Vladimir Putin hinted about a future military alliance between Russia and China that would be more powerful than the US.

The two superpowers combined would outnumber the US Army some two to one, have three times as many tanks and warships, and have more nuclear weapons.

China and Russia have the world's second and third most powerful militaries - and a formal alliance could help tip the scales against the US.

Putin signaled deepening ties between Moscow and Beijing as both have ongoing tensions with Washington.

China's CH-7 stealth aircraft is expected to have its first flight in late 2019

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