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Coronavirus – Netflix Pandemic doc released TODAY amid fears of another global outbreak like Spanish flu that killed 50m

NETFLIX releases a shocking new docu-series called Pandemic today amid fears of another global outbreak like Spanish flu which killed 50 million people.

The new show will star the heroes on the front line in the battle against killer viruses and tell about their efforts to prevent the spread of deadly bugs.

However, it is being screened as it was revealed experts fear up to 10,000 people could already be infected with the lethal coronavirus that has swept through China.

The estimate comes amid warnings the new strain is currently "as deadly as Spanish flu" which killed tens of millions in the early 1900s.

Chinese health officials announced the latest official figures on coronavirus earlier this morning.

It has since been reported the virus could be declared a global health crisis today after cases of the mystery bug increased by more than 100 in just one day.

The WHO announced it will hold an Emergency Committee meeting in Geneva today, to determine if the outbreak should be classed as a global crisis, like the West African Ebola outbreak of 2014-15.

Episode one of Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak will look at the work of doctors in the US and Asia working to develop a super vaccine to combat killer flu outbreaks.

Other episodes will look at the ebola outbreak which has ravaged the Congo and what is being done to combat outbreaks in India and on the US-Mexico border.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, at least half a dozen Asian countries and three US airports have started screening incoming airline passengers from central China.

In Australia, border forces have been ordered to ensure all sick passengers are assessed by a trained Biosecurity officer on arrival.

Chief health officer Brendan Murphy said the risk was low but added the three daily flights from the outbreak's epi-centre of Wuhan will be met by medics in response to the "rapidly emerging situation".

State health officials in New South Wales are distributing pamphlets in English and Chinese to all passengers arriving from Wuhan describing the symptoms.

The US has also started screening passengers on flights from Wuhan arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport, San Francisco International Airport and Los Angeles International airport.

Other international airports are also screening passengers for the mysterious SARS-like disease after it was revealed it had jumped China’s borders.