Coronation Street's Asha Alahan is set to be utterly mortified when her dad Dev loses it at her boyfriend, Corey, over their sex life.

Asha, 14, has already had a difficult year when it comes to boys, after she took a nude video for Corey (Maximus Evans) and he saved it on her phone.

But Asha's school pal Kelly leaked it to a group chat as revenge for Asha (Tanisha Gorey) not supporting her over an incident with Amy Barlow.

Asha was been left mortified, with the video being sent around the school and even being uploaded on to a porn site.

Dev confronts Corey in front of an embarrassed Asha

She is still dating Corey, and is totally smitten with him, but her twin brother Aadi is not impressed.

Corey makes a cruel dig at Aadi (Adam Hussein) about him not having a girlfriend, and Aadi is clearly upset.

Later, Aadi tells Dev that Corey bought Asha a brand new pair of trainers, and convinces him this means they are having sex.

When Corey makes a dig at Aadi over his lack of a girlfriend, Aadi heads off, clearly hurt

Dev is completely horrified at the thought his 14-year-old daughter is sleeping with her boyfriend.

Dev persuades a reluctant Aadi that they should have a dads and lads day out, but when Dev hears Asha was seen coming out of the doctors, he confronts her about it and abandons Aadi.

To Asha’s horror, Dev confronts Corey on the street and accuses him of pressurising Asha into underage sex.

Asha starts taking the contraceptive pill and Corey is impressed
Corey suggests they see more of each other

Dev is mortified to realise he missed the shopping trip with Aadi, and Aadi is clearly hurt after he has recently complained Asha gets all the attention.

Asha and Aadi round on Dev, accusing him of treating them both like children.

Tim Metcalfe advises Dev on the situation and tells him to stop treating the twins like babies and listen to what they have to say.

Dev admits that his parenting skills haven’t always been the best, and when the twins reveal that they hate Oakhill School and want to return to Weatherfield High, Dev agrees to put the wheels in motion.

But later, Asha sees Corey out after dinner, and he suggests that now she is on the contraceptive pill, they should spend more quality time together.