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Daunte Wright cop Kim Potter told ‘you’re next b***h’ as ex-officer bombarded with threats after Chauvin verdict

DAUNTE Wright's cop was told " you're next b***h" after killer cop Derek Chauvin was found guilty.

Former officer Kim Potter has been bombarded with threats after Chauvin's guilty verdict.

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Earlier today Derek Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd on all counts.

The 45-year-old former officer faces a maximum sentence of 75 years in jail after being found guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

The announcement prompted cheers from the crowds outside the courthouse in Minneapolis just after 5 pm.

But it also sparked a series of threats, towards Kim Potter, the ex-cop who allegedly killed dad-of-one Daunte Wright in Minnesota, just ten miles from where George Floyd was killed, during a routine traffic stop.

Someone wrote: "kim potter u next b****."

Another one tweeted: Real life made an example out of his a**!!! Kim Potter you NEXT!!!"

Someone else said: "KIM POTTER pack up next to get smoked."

While another one tweeted: "Kim Potter get your affairs in order because your up next!"

Ex-Minnesota cop Kimberly Potter allegedly killed Daunte Wright after she confused her gun and Taser.

The 26-year veteran, was heard on bodycam footage saying, "Oh s*** I shot him," after opening fire on Wright, at a stoplight in Brooklyn Center, near Minneapolis.

Last week she made her first court appearance.

After a week of riots over the fatal shooting, Potter was released from Hennepin County jail on a $100,000 bail and charged with second degree manslaughter.

A second appearance date of May 17 was also scheduled.

Meanwhile, Wright's family call for life sentence.

Wright's aunt Naisha, said during a press conference before the court hearing "If we can have life, we want life. We gotta go life without him."

She also held up a printed photograph of a Taser and a gun, asking "y'all see the difference? This is a Taser, but no my nephew was killed with this -, a Glock."

Wright's mom, Katie, added: "Justice would be bringing our son home to us," she said.

"If that [justice] even happens, we're still going to bury our son, we're still never gonna be able to see our baby boy, that we're never gonna have again."

Daunte Wright death cop Kim Potter appears in court as his family demand life-sentence and ask ‘what if it was her kid?’

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