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Deadwater Fell episode 3 RECAP: Did Tom’s mental abuse of his wife Kate cause her to slaughter her family?

THE plot thickened on episode three of Deadwater Fell when Tom was charged with his family's murder.

However, Steve has been withholding vital evidence - here's what went down.

A recap of episode three of Deadwater Fell and unanswered questions

WARNING: Contains spoilers from episode three of Deadwater Fell.

Armed with new evidence, the case looked cut and dried and Tom was charged with the murder of his family and held on remand - but a new revelation raised doubt.

The emotional ripple effect of the fire has taken its toll on those closest to the tragedy.

The episode saw Steve go to his work-appointed counselling and a past conversation with Kate was revealed.

As the truth began to emerge everyone started to question their role in the tragedy.

Tom controlled his wife

We saw a very sinister side Tom right at the beginning of the episode - a very controlling and emotionally abusive side.

During sex with Kate, after she didn't reach orgasm, he then said that "Jess did" when he had slept with her.

Jess was Kate's best friend so this must have hurt her so much.

After this scene we saw the couple the next day with Tom acting as though nothing had happened.

We then saw him make her take her ant-depressant pills by holding them out in his hand and watching her swallow them.

Another key bit of evidence to his controlling behaviour was when he made Kate get his mother some food.

During a dinner with the three of them, his mum said she was still hungry and was going to help herself to leftovers.

However, Tom stopped her from getting up from the table and said "Kate will do it".

We later saw that Tom's mum was not happy with the way her son controlled Kate, and in a scene in the third part of the show we saw her tell Kate that she "didn't like it" when he spoke to her like that.

Tom was in debt

During a prison visit from his mum we learnt that Tom was not a wealthy doctor.

After firing his legal aid lawyer he told his mum to get in touch with someone called Callum - and get them to help with paying for a better lawyer.

However, his mum just replied: "But you still owe him money."

Tom did not seem put off by this and told her do it anyway.

Steve was withholding evidence

In episode one we saw Steve see CCTV footage of Kate buying the padlocks which were then used to trap her family inside the burning house.

However, he still hasn't revealed this crucial piece of evidence which could prove Tom's innocence.

Steve is still very angry that Jess slept with Tom behind his back and is now punishing Tom by withholding this evidence.

Steve also wouldn't let key witness Dylan change his story.

After Steve had come to see him, Dylan told the police that he had seen Tom chasing his daughter in the woods, around 15 minutes before the fire.

However, Dylan made this up after Steve asked him to do - as we saw a flashback what really happened, with Kate being the one who was chasing her daughter NOT Tom.

Later, the Detective in charge of the case realised that Dylan was lying and confronted Steve about it, who then confessed to getting Dylan to say it was Tom.

Steve was then told he needed to take a break from the police force.

Steve's breakdown

After being told to take a break from the police, he went to the toilet, but then got stuck in the cubicle.

He had a complete panic attack at the thought of being locked in and was visibly shaking once he managed  to get out.

Next we saw Steve viciously attack Dylan.

He then was seen walking through the woods, barefoot, and drinking a can of larger.

Then in a flashback we saw Kate telling Steve that "he'll kill me one day" - referring to Tom.

We then saw him standing on the edge of a cliff yelling "F***!"

The show ended with Tom being released from prison and hugging his mum, who looked terrified.

When is Deadwater Fell next on?

The drama concludes next Friday (January 31, 2020).

You can catch it from 9pm on Channel 4.

You can watch the first three episodes on 4 Catch Up now.