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Dele Alli may need transfer away from Tottenham as his face doesn’t seem to fit with Jose Mourinho

IT feels as if Dele Alli might need a move from Tottenham.

After he was taken off at half-time in the Europa League defeat by Antwerp, it seems Dele’s face doesn’t fit with Jose Mourinho.

I have always been impressed when I’ve played against Dele but it seems as though there is a personality clash and that he doesn’t fit in with Jose’s way of playing.

Spurs are now operating without a classic No 10.

Harry Kane is deeper and the wide men, like Son Heung-min and Gareth Bale can hit teams with pace.

For that reason, Spurs benefitted from Christian Eriksen moving on, however good a player the Dane is.

I don’t know if Dele is not a great trainer but that is what you hear.

And when you also hear of the intensity at which teams such as Manchester City and Liverpool train, you understand how they have gone up a notch.

Mourinho is now trying to replicate that at Tottenham.

Kevin De Bruyne is a magnificently gifted player but, when you play against him, you are soon struck by how hard he works.

Dele has to do the same — and maybe he needs a different club to get the best out of him.

Whoever does would be recruiting a seriously good player.

Jose Mourinho says after tonight's game his future choices will be very easy

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