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Devastated fiance of healthy Covid victim, 32, who ‘followed all the rules’ begs Brits to take virus seriously

A WOMAN is begging Brits to follow lockdown rules after her young and healthy partner died from coronavirus.

Heartbroken Amy Skallist, 31, now faces raising her young son alone after her partner Sam Akedi, 32, died from the virus.

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Tragic Sam first noticed Covid symptoms around January 7, quickly taking a test and receiving the results in a matter of days - but days later he was hospitalised, then taken to the ICU.

By January 22, he had died.

Grieving Amy told MailOnline the couple's son, Isaac, 3, "doesn't really understand and keeps asking where Daddy is".

The devastated mum explained how the happy, healthy family from Bromley, south east London had followed all the rules - only leaving home to go to the chemist and get petrol and working from home.

She said: "This is your worst nightmare," and urged people to take the virus seriously or risk heartbreak like hers.

Amy began dating Sam when they were both in in their teens and the couple had been together for 15 years.

She said near the end, she received a call from the hospital telling her and Isaac to come and see him.

She said: "[They] said we should go to see him. Before that we weren't allowed to see him at all.

"If you're someone who dismisses Covid you're not going to understand until you're the one either sitting in the chair with someone in a hospital bed, or you're in the bed dying."

Heartbreaking pictures show Amy's gloved hand clutching Sam's one last time before his death.

Herself and her son both got tested and found they were positive for the virus, although neither of them displayed any symptoms.

Amy said: "He was such a great guy...He was fighting the virus so hard."

She added: "I saw on the news on Friday 1,401 people died.

"Sam was that one."

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