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EastEnders fans spot huge blunder as Ben’s phone shows Callum has been missing for two weeks – and should be dead by now

EASTENDERS fans have spotted a big blunder that shows Callum Highway has been missing for nearly two weeks and should be dead.

Callum was left for dead by Keanu on the day of the boat tragedy, which was meant to be Valentine's Day in soapland.

However, just four days later, the date on Ben's phone read the 25th making it 11 days that his boyfriend had been fending for himself.

And two days on, Callum has yet to be found, leading viewers to claim that his organs should have long since failed.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "So they've had the time jump. It's the 25th Feb on Ben's phone and Callum was last seen 3 days ago according to his phone.

"Except that the boat party was supposed to be on Valentine's Day... but we just have to go with the new timings I guess!"

Another wrote in a forum: "I was thinking this myself. Ben's phone said 25th and the boat party was 14th but the messages also said last read 3 days ago. It's a big mess of continuity."

As a third posted: "I'm pretty sure that was a continuity error, I don't think Callum would still be alive if that were the case..."

While the body can last around three weeks with no food, an absence of water can prove fatal in a matter of days.

It's uncertain if injured Callum has managed to eat or drink anything while trapped in the abandoned paper mill.

The night before the phone gaffe, Stuart Highway furiously threatened to kill Ben after learning Keanu had kidnapped Callum.

Shirley broke the news to Stuart in the cafe, almost as a strange thank you, after Stuart saved Mick's life in the boat party tragedy.

He wasted no time in paying Ben a visit, and if it wasn't for Jay' attempts to diffuse the situation, he would likely have given him a hiding.

Instead, he grabbed hold of Ben, whose hearing has all but disappeared following the boat disaster, and warned him he'll be a dead man should anything happen to his brother.

Jay assured him that Keanu was harmless, but with Callum still missing it remains to be seen if he'll make it back to Walford in one piece.

Viewers feared the worst for Ben, with one writing on Twitter: "Oh now I’m worried what stuart is going to do to Ben #ballum."

Another pleaded: "Stuart leave Ben alone. He wants to find callum just as much as you.

At the beginning of the episode a bloodied and beaten Callum could be seen lying on the floor of the derelict paper mill where he's been held prisoner and tortured.

But with Keanu having fled following the disaster on the Thames, time appears to be running out for Callum to be found alive.

In a desperate showdown on the party boat, Ben and Keanu both ended up in the water after a brawl aboard the stricken vessel.

Their feud was overshadowed by the news Denny had been killed in the accident, prompting Keanu to tell Ben Callum's location.

But with a weakened Callum stuck at the bottom of a pit after a failed escape attempt, he's still not been found.

Will Callum reappear before it's too late?

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