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Everton’s Dominic Calvert-Lewin says becoming a FASHION icon off the pitch has boosted his goalscoring confidence on it

DOMINIC CALVERT-LEWIN reckons he is proof that clothes maketh the man.

The Everton striker is fast becoming an England scoring icon - convinced that becoming one of football’s fashion icons has boosted his confidence.

The striker has made himself the darling of English football this season.

He has 15 goals in 16 games – including two that have fast made him a brand name within the Three Lions.

The dedicated follower of the world’s most exclusive haute couture labels insists his love of flash gear helps his head as well as his look.

He tells style magazine The Face: “As a footballer you’re so in a routine, and you do the same things every day.

“It’s that bit of freedom. If you want to wear a suit for no reason, why not?”

The Yorkshireman comes up against Leeds United tonight revealing that he first fell in love with glad rags when he played for the White’s rivals Sheffield United.

As a 16 year old he bought a Ralph Lauren puffer jacket with his first pay cheque at Bramall Lane.

He says: “I gave my mum a portion of the money and went and spent the rest on this coat.

“I left myself with probably £20 for the rest of the month.”

More recently he and team mate Tom Davies spent last season’s winter break at the New York fashion week.

Calvert-Lewin was snapped wearing a bucket hat and pinstripes while the midfielder posed in a robe.

His team mates have a laugh over his togs, but he is happy to be on the cat walk.

The man boss Carlo Ancelotti tips to be a world leader stresses he wears the stick well.

He says: "Now the tables have turned and they go, ‘Actually, looks alright that, only you could pull that off.

“It’s like a backhanded compliment.”

Lucas Digne has been ruled out for three months with an ankle injury and will have surgery on Monday.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin scores on his England debut in 3-0 win over Wales

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