The mum of a little girl who lost a precious toy while playing in a Paisley park says she has been left “completely overwhelmed” by the response from the community to help find it.

Determined mum Jill Logan has been on a frantic search after her daughter Sophia lost the priceless keepsake at Barshaw Park on July 13.

Little Sophia was at the park with her grandfather when she lost her handmade knitted octopus she lovingly named “Pulpo”.

The tot, who is just 20 months old, has been left heartbroken by the loss of the handmade comforter, which she has had since she was born.

Desperately hoping that the toy will turn up, Jill has now offered a £50 reward to whoever reunites her daughter with Pulpo.

And Jill says she has been shocked at the support from the Paisley community to help find it.

She said: “I cannot believe the amount of support we have had to try and find him.

Sophia has had the toy since she was born

“He is just a little scrap of wool but he’s managed to wrap himself around everyone’s hearts.

“She calls him Pulpo as that’s the Spanish word for octopus. She is bilingual as her dad is from Honduras.

“He’s so well loved. She takes him absolutely everywhere and she is devastated that he’s gone.”

Sophia had been playing in the park with her grandfather Kenneth while she was staying with him at his home in Ralston.

It was after a short time at the park with Sophia and her brother Theo, four, that Kenneth realised the beloved octopus was missing.

Sophie and her brother Theo with Pulpo

Big-hearted Paisley residents have even knitted replacements for the heartbroken little girl.

Jill added: “My dad was devastated when he realised it was gone. He feels terrible.

"We have been out almost every day looking for him and we are now offering £50 to the person who finds him and we are more than happy to pay it.

“It’s been so crazy. I know these things online get a lot of shares but the amount of comments and messages I have received from people offering to make another one for her has just been so overwhelming.

“Even all the workers in the park cutting the grass know about him and have been helping.

“People have been so kind.”

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