A fuel campaigner’s home has been besieged by drivers - after pranksters turned it into a Shell garage on GoogleMaps.

Howard Cox, the public face of a campaign calling for lower fuel prices and against the proliferation of electric cars, received more than 70 calls from motorists on the hunt for fuel.

The jokers registered his home address in Kent on Google and marked it up as a Shell garage - complete with picture of a forecourt and review.

Mr Cox, who fronts FairFuel UK, said: “I got home the night before last and this bloke asked if I had any petrol there.

Mr Cox's home appeared to be a Shell garage (


Howard Cox/twitter)

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“I was like 'what?'. It sounds funny but when you get 70 calls it makes you annoyed.

"I've done lots of media appearances recently about the petrol crisis so my name is out there and some idiot has gone out there thinking it’s funny.

“It's not funny at all. You just don't do that sort of thing.

"It's probably a militant environmentalist or militant cyclist - it's those sorts of people who do this sort of thing."

FairFuel UK has long campaigned for lower prices for UK motorists at the pump, as well as against schemes to improve public health such as clean air zones and congestion charges.

The group advocates for the widespread use of fuel catalysts instead, despite little evidence they work.

Some petrol stations have shut amid panic buying (


Adam Gerrard / Daily Mirror)

Cutting emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles is crucial when it comes to tackling the effects of climate change, with 27% of the UK's missions coming from transport - almost two thirds of which were produced by cars and taxis.

It is not the first time Mr Cox has been targeted for his activism.

He explained: “I've had faeces through the door, wrapped up in a cycle glove, and things like that.

“I've been subject to a lot of this, and all I'm trying to do is help UK drivers get a better deal."

A lack of HGV drivers forced a number of petrol stations around the country to close earlier this week, sparking panic.

Pictures have been shared showing long queues and people filling up jerry cans as drivers flock to fill up their cars.

Mr Cox does not believe government plans to offer thousands of visas to overseas lorry drivers will “even touch the sides” and does not think think the problem will be short lived.

Some have resorted to filling up jerry cans (


Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

He explained: “The scaremongering by Grant Shapps saying don't panic is obviously going to create panic.

“We know that from the toilet roll problems during Covid.

"I think it will still be pretty bad for a couple of days but in three or four days everything will be back to normal.

“Petrol and diesel are in full supply - it's just the driver shortage.”

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