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Furious woman tries to ‘sell’ her husband after he shrinks her favourite £152 designer trousers to fit a toddler

it's a washout

A FURIOUS woman tried to ‘sell’ her husband after he shrunk her favourite £152 designer trousers to a size so small they could fit a toddler.

The woman from Michigan shared the pic of her 'for sale' hubby and the trousers in question to a Facebook group - and it was met with great amusement and tales of similar laundry blunders.

The American woman posted a series of pics of her mortified husband holding the teeny trews in front of him for scale - to show the full extent of damage caused by the clearly over-zealous spin cycle.

His face may have been concealed in the photo but it was evident from his stance that his tail was firmly between his legs.

And the original poster joked that she was looking to sell him in order to make back some of the money that had been lost in the wash.

The trews in question were no ordinary high street purchase, but rather fancy knitted joggers made by Australian designer Spell and the Gypsy Collective.

And they set the original poster back a cool £152.

We're all aware of the quest for the perfect fit, so it's no wonder she was willing to trade off her spouse to fund another pair.

Though it's yet to be confirmed if anyone has taken her up on the generous offer.

However the proposal did prompt a lively discussion among other group members who had suffered similar experiences.

Bemused members shared stories of their partner's laundry mishaps, including one who wrote:

"My husband is also banned from washing anything of mine after washing and throwing a very expensive and much treasured silk shirt in the dryer."

While another shared that her partner "did it it to my favourite knit."

Before adding: "It still hangs in my walk in robe for him to see as a reminder to never touch my clothes again."

And with the original poster's husband's clear lack of laundry skills, one member jested: " I think you are going to have trouble selling him."

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