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Gen Z adults say that TikTok style trends like feathery brows and fake freckles have inspired their looks for prom

GEN Z adults say that TikTok style trends such as feathery brows and fake freckles have inspired their looks for prom in the years ahead, a new survey has found.

The poll of 2,000 Gen Zers found that off all the makeup styles for prom over the last century, the current look adopted by teens is by far and away the most popular, garnering 59 percent of the vote.

This was followed by the supermodel glam of the 90s with 26 percent of the votes, and the rock 'n' roll chic of the 50s with 22 percent.

The findings, revealed in a survey conducted by OnePoll and cruelty-free and vegan makeup brand Lottie London, come in as the 2020s mark a hundred years since proms became popular in America.

The social event expanded into an annual festivity where students dress up and wear makeup in the 1920s and has become bigger every decade since.

While the 1920s were all about the “flapper” look and the 1930s embraced a thinner brow, the 1950s introduced icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, who inspired “Hollywood Glam.”

Over the next few decades, makeup became more extravagant, particularly in the 80s when bright eyeshadows and bold blushes ruled the disco.

The start of the 2020s has seen a shift in the way Americans wear makeup — adopting a lighter touch with the natural, dewy skin, which is what this decade is all about.

“Over 60 percent of Gen Z are looking for prom makeup that is affordable and both kind to the skin and to the planet,” said Nora Zukauskaite, Global Marketing Director from Lottie London.

“We are proud of seeing people fully express themselves and experiment with these new trends. We're especially excited to see what proms look like in 2022.”

With 61 percent of American Gen Zers getting their prom makeup inspiration from TikTok, looks such as faux freckles (51%), the instant “face life” concealer trick (50%), and contouring lipstick blusher (48%) are the most popular trends on the social media platform.

It also emerged that celebrities such as Ariana Grande (40%), Doja Cat (38%) and Zendaya (35%) are said to use makeup in the most innovative ways, with Gen Z trying new makeup techniques a couple of times a month in order to keep up.

“I grew up watching old black and white movies, Hollywood films, and musicals, so I absolutely loved recreating looks from the last 100 years of prom with Lottie London,” Pilcher said. “People love to switch up their look and try something new — especially Gen Zers.

“So taking a look at the changes in hair and makeup over the last century has been great. We didn’t wear as much makeup during the pandemic and have learned to embrace a more natural look, so it comes as no surprise that we now want to emphasize our features.

She continued: “Prom looks this decade are going to be all about accentuating those fluffy brows and adding a few more freckles.”

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