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Ghislaine Maxwell cops tell how they smashed down door and hauled her off in cuffs in dramatic raid on remote bolthole

ARMED FBI agents swooped on Ghislaine Maxwell’s remote hideaway, smashing her door down in order to arrest the friend of Jeffrey Epstein.

Dramatic new details have emerged of the operation to clap Maxwell in cuffs after 24 FBI agents raided her Tuckedaway home in New Hampshire last Thursday at 8.20am.

FBI agents, officers from the local police force, New York police and New Hampshire’s gang task force stormed the 156-acre property

They used bolt-cutters to break the lock on a metal gate leading to the secluded property that she paid cash for last December.

An officer, who wasn't named, told The Mail on Sunday: “We drove at speed up the half-mile driveway in a convoy of 15 vehicles.

“And let’s just say, we didn’t knock politely on the door. It was smashed down.

“Maxwell was up and dressed, in the living room, wearing sweat pants and a top.

“Strangely she didn’t seem to have much reaction. It was like it wasn’t registering with her.

Let’s just say, we didn’t knock politely on the door. It was smashed down.

An officer involved in Maxwell's arrest

“She was turned around quickly and cuffed.

“She was in custody in a matter of seconds.”

Neighbours said they heard planes flying over head around four hours earlier.

Dick Morris, 59, a carpenter who lives opposite, said: “I heard what I first thought was a para plane, basically an engine with a seat and parachute, which is common around here.

“You hear one for ten minutes and it’s gone. But this went on and on.

“I peered up through the trees and caught a glimpse of a small Cessna-type plane high up and buzzing in a wide circle.

“Then I noticed another plane so there were two of them, like opposite sides of a circle, this high-altitude circle of planes buzzing around and around.

“Later I realised it had to be the FBI making sure she didn’t leave before the raid team got there.”


US law enforcement agencies had been on the trail of Ghislaine Maxwell ever since Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on child prostitution and trafficking charges.

He is said to have killed himself while in prison in Manhattan although the circumstances are surrounded in mystery.

A source familiar with the hunt for Maxwell told the paper: “This has taken millions of dollars and hundreds of man hours. At least five million bucks, maybe more.

“The FBI has been tracking her for a year. They had her, then they lost her. She was in Colorado and Wyoming then they lost her until she showed up in New Hampshire. It’s been a high-stakes game of cat and mouse.”

Epstein's alleged ‘pimp’ was arrested on six charges of sex trafficking and perjury.

Maxwell has not entered a plea but strongly denies any allegations of sexual misconduct made against her.

Following her arrest, Spencer Kuvin - who represents several of the late-paedo's victims in Florida - said the Brit, 58, may take her own life behind bars but also added that powerful people may try and silence her.

The socialite, who is the daughter of disgraced media mogul Robert Maxwell, faces up to 35 years in prison if she is found guilty of the charges, it has been reported.

She is currently detained in Merrimack County Jail in Boscawen, New Hampshire, but is due to be transferred to a tough New York prison.

Maxwell is currently under suicide watch over fears she may try to take her own life.

The home Ghislaine Maxwell bought for cash to evade capture

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