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Gogglebox’s vicar Kate Bottley reveals incredible lockdown makeover after asking fans not to talk about her weight loss

GOGGLEBOX's favourite vicar Kate Bottley has revealed her incredible lockdown makeover after asking fans not to talk about her weight loss.

The TV star, 45, told fans she's become passionate about maxi dresses, having long nails and plucking her eyebrows.

Kate - who co-hosts a BBC Radio Two show - has been sharing gorgeous snaps of her vintage frocks from the garden.

Although she admitted she's dressing up just to do the food shop at Aldi.

And as she reflected on new things she's started doing during lockdown, Kate told her followers: "Things I now have that I didn’t have before: Long nails, A defrosted freezer, Reading glasses.

"A habit of cooked breakfasts and Sunday lunch, A sewing box, Plucked eyebrows, A passion for polyester maxi dresses.

"It appears lockdown has turned me into my mother circa 1973 #newnormal."

After posting lovely pictures of her new outfits, vicar Kate was flooded with compliments, but she kindly asked fans not to comment on her weight loss.

The 45-year-old said "the size of my a*** is the least interesting thing about me".

Sharing a beautiful snap from her garden, Kate told followers: "I go out so rarely I have taken to wearing my #vintage frocks to Aldi. Here’s tonight’s offering I am Margot Leadbetter."

One fan said: "Gosh, you are so slim and lovely in that, wish I was."

"'Slim’ isn’t necessarily healthier or more beautiful. I also don’t like anyone talking about my weight. (Ps you’re gorgeous, everyone is)."

Another fan commented: "You've lost weight."

Again, Kate made sure she told her follower she was unhappy about her weight being discussed.

She said: "If it’s ok with you, I’d prefer it if you didn’t comment on my weight.

"I know you think you’re being kind, but thinner isn’t necessarily better or more beautiful and the size of my a*** is the least interesting thing about me."

Kate became the nation's favourite priest after appearing on Channel 4's Gogglebox.

She was approached to appear on the show after a YouTube video of a wedding she was officiating went viral and gained over seven million views thanks to a flashmob dance routine.

Her stint as a professional couch potato with her husband Graham led to her landing more jobs on TV and radio.

Since February 2018, Kate has been presenting Good Morning Sunday on BBC Radio Two with Jason Mohammad.

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