This horrifying video footage shows mourners running in terror amid reports of gunshots being heard in the middle of a funeral in Northern Ireland today.

Pandemonium was seen to break out in the middle of church, which reports on social media claim is Melmount chapel in the town of Strabane, in west Tyrone.

In the clip, a young woman stands at a podium and begins her reading before faltering when people start screaming in fear and run towards the front of the church.

On Twitter, someone wrote: "I'm hearing there's been shots fired inside Melmount chapel in Strabane during a funeral."

Leona O'Neill, a journalist in Northern Ireland, tweeted: “Huge police presence at a funeral here in Strabane today.

Shots were heard being fired at Melmount chapel in Strabane, west Tyrone
Shots were heard being fired at Melmount chapel in Strabane, west Tyrone

“It is believed that a scuffle broke out in the church during the service.

“Up to 20 police landrovers here in the grounds of church. Funeral and burial went ahead as planned. More details as I get them.”

A second video, included below, shows a massive police presence in the area outside the church..

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