A holidaymaker has slammed a Pontins resort as ‘the worst place in history’ after she found a crack pipe in her chalet.

The woman, who was on a hen weekend at Pontins in Southport, Merseyside, based the facilities.

In a scathing TripAdvisor review, the woman - known only as Nicola J - said the group’s plan for a ’48 hour partying weekend’ was a let down from start to finish.

She branded the room a ‘dump’, claimed the pub closed at tea time and the main bar shut at 1am, Lancs Live reports.

And she said that when the group went in search of hot water for their shower, they found what appeared to be a makeshift crack pipe made from an empty pop bottle topped with tin foil.

GV of Pontins Southport
The group were staying at Pontins in Southport, which another guest has also slammed after a horror stay

Alongside a one star review titled 'Absolutely worse (sic) place in history' she fumed: "I've never in my life been to somewhere like this, we paid for club room and we got some dump!

"We came for a hen do it was meant to be 48 hour partying weekend, pub close at tea time, the bar and music stopped at 1am.

"We also found a crackpipe while looking for hot water to use our shower, which reception wouldn’t help us, awful place."

Another guest who stayed at the same Pontins this month described it as being 'the worst place UK has to offer'.

He said he feared catching 'some kind of STD' from sitting down or touching anything in the chalet.

The man described the mattress as being 'covered in poo and blood' and claims the other side was 'worse' has had springs poking out.

His angry review read: “My mattress was covered in poo and blood, when I went to flip the mattress it was worse on the other side and also had springs poking out of the mattress.

“I was actually concerned about catching some kind of STD just from sitting down or touching anything in my chalet.

"If you want a bedbug infestation some genital warts and some crusty old poo on your walls then this is the place for you."

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