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Holly Willoughby fights back tears as they give disabled winner an extra £1k and help her find a wedding dress

HOLLY Willoughby fought back tears on today’s This Morning as they decided to give a disabled winner an extra £1000 and agreed to help her find a wedding dress.

Lucky viewer Melissa was picked to take part in Dosh On Your Doorstep today and was overwhelmed when Alison Hammond appeared at her house.

Melissa has been housebound after suffering severe injuries to her spine when she was a passenger in a car accident.

She is awaiting a mobility car so she can get out more as she currently only leaves her home for her daily walk on crutches.,

Her partner of 10 years proposed on New Year’s Eve and they are now planning a wedding.

She easily passed the questions to win the £1k cash prize but back in the studio Holly and Phillip Schofield decided it wasn’t enough and said they would give her an extra grand.

Phillip said: "We love her so much  and we don't do this very often but because she is such an amazing winner and has had such a rough time, Holly and I are going to add another £1000 to the prize."

Alison then revealed Melissa was struggling to find a wedding dress because of her disability.

She said: “Melissa was just saying she has tried to get a wedding dress, she’s phoned so many shops but because she has told them she’s disabled no one has got back to her.

"So I was wondering if there are any shops out there who would like to provide a dress…”

Phillip interrupted, saying: “We’ll do it, Alison she doesn’t need a shop. We have an amazing team downstairs.”

Alison and Melissa were both moved to tears while Holly also struggled not to cry as she watched the heartwarming reaction.