Hollyoaks star Ellis Hollins has undergone an incredible body transformation after being "unhappy" physically.

The 20-year-old has played Tom Cunningham in the Channel 4 soap for 17 years.

And the Manchester actor surprised fans on social media with his new look.

Posing without a T-shirt show off his abs, Ellis shared a snap to show off his progress after becoming a fitness fanatic.

Ellis has totally transformed his body over the space of two years after sharing his first post on Instagram about working out in the gym back in 2018.

And speaking to the Daily Star, Ellis explained the reasons for his new love of the gym

"I was unhappy where I was physically.

"I was always the unfit, asthmatic kid at school and I couldn't do sport to save my life.

"I got fed up with that and I got the chance to start going to the gym regularly, and I've been going for two years now.

"It's really starting to pay off and I feel a lot better about myself."

Since sharing his progress, Ellis has been left "flattered" by the endless compliments he has received.

He added: "I'm flattered by everyone's kind compliments and words about my body and the journey I've made.

"I've shared that with people who wanted to see that and I'm grateful for the reaction I've got.

"A big part of me is work and then gym. I was lost when I couldn't go to work or gym during lockdown but I'm in a good place now."

Ellis joined Hollyoaks when he was just four years old back in 2003.