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Home expert divides opinion by sharing the signs in your house that ‘show you grew up poor’


A HOME expert has divided opinion by sharing three tell-tale signs in a home that “show you grew up poor”.

TikTok user @bornunicornyt, who has racked up over 1.3million likes for her cleaning and organising videos, revealed the penny-pinching ways in a video.

First up, the TikToker reckons you grew up without money if you add water to soap dispensers or shampoo bottles to make sure you get every last drop out from inside.

Secondly, if you save plastic bags and then reuse them as bin liners you could have had a lower income childhood.

And thirdly, she said if you save hotel condiment or sauce sachets to use at home, it could also be a giveaway sign. 

Her video has divided opinion, mainly from people who said that the signs simply show that you don’t like waste.

One said: “Not poor….just not wasteful.”

Another added: This is not poor. It’s smart.”

And a third wrote: “My dad makes good money and we still do the sauces.”

However one joked: “If you don’t use Walmart bags as trash liners ur too rich for me.”

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