Fancy bagging yourself a deal on Domino’s pizza?

Look no further, because we’ve spotted a way you can get more than half price off your takeaway.

To get the sneaky deal involved you using two money-saving tricks from Domino’s and Quidco.

According to the Mirror, there is a deal available that will allow you to get £25 worth of Domino’s for £3.

How to claim £25 worth of Domino's Pizza for £3 :

  1. If you're not signed up to Quidco yet, do so via this link , then head to Domino's from their website and shop like normal, and you'll get a £15 bonus.
  2. Use the code 25SPRING for 25% off a £25 spend with Domino’s for all Quidco members.
  3. Quidco will reimburse you the £15 within two weeks, which you can then transfer to your bank account.

How does it work?

If you order £25 worth of food with Domino’s and use code and cashback this is a breakdown of the savings you'll receive.

The money-saving site offered a similarly impressive deal last week but customers were able to wangle a whopping £40 of Domino's pizza for just £15 instead . However, this week it's still a very good value deal to snap up while you can.

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