Apple is expected to launch three new iPhones later this year and the smart money suggests it’ll be in the second week of September.

Eagle-eyed Apple fans have picked up on a screenshot hidden inside the latest beta release of iOS 13 and believe it could mark the date of Apple’s next event.

The screenshot shows a typical iPhone home screen but the file name is listed as ‘HoldForRelease’ while the calendar icon (which changes depending on the day) reads ‘Tuesday 10’.

Given that Apple often holds iPhone events in September, gadget fans are fairly certain we’ll see the next iteration of the iPhone on Tuesday, September 10 – just three short weeks away.

The screenshot, originally found by iHelpBR, was very similar to one found ahead of last year’s event which was held on September 12.

It’s widely believed that Apple will again reveal three new iPhones this year to take over from the XS, XS Max and XR.



And given that Apple always holds special events on or around the second week of September, this date seems like an extremely good guess.

Alongside a trio of new iPhones, it’s expected that Apple will launch a new version of the Apple Watch and potentially new Mac computers.