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The new Super League season is now just around the corner, and Lee Radford's side will be expected to be competing for silverware at the very least this year, after some heavy recruitment in the off-season.

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@OptimusM1980: How does Radders fit Shaul, Connor, Sneyd and Kelly into the same squad as all are good ball players?

That is the great challenge Lee Radford is facing as the season is approaching. It seems all have to play, but how to squeeze them all in is tricky. Sneyd play scrum half of course, after that it’s a matter of opinion.

For me, despite Kelly playing well at full-back on Sunday, he has to start at stand-off, with Jamie Shaul at full-back.

Connor played well on Sunday too in the halves and I think he will back himself to get the nod. If it was me, I’d have him on the bench, coming on in the second half and attempting to wreak havoc.

@RockfordFld: How is Danny Houghton's recovery going? Who do you think will get the starting hooking role in his absence?

It’s going well. He had his cast off last Monday and it’s all going according to plan. He was practising with a ball last week and this week he is expected to step up into full contact training. There are still question marks regarding his comeback date, I wouldn’t rule him out playing at Headingley yet, but I would imagine he’ll be fit to play round two.

In Houghton’s likely absence, it seems a straight battle between Joe Cator and Jordan Johnstone. If it was me picking the team, I’d go for Johnstone, he has a little more experience in that role.

@davewacker1976: Do you think Fash will go out on loan as I don’t see him getting much game time ? Personally I would like him to.

Brad Fash has benefited from a couple of loan moves in the past. He joined Leigh in 2016 and did well and after playing a couple of games with Toronto last season he came back into the Hull side and earned his place.

If I’m being brutally honest, I don’t see Fash commanding a spot in the starting XIII this season. But I don’t think he’s about to go out on loan any time soon either. The prop has impressed me over the course of pre-season and I think Radford will look to use him frequently off the bench throughout the year.

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