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I can’t repair my relationship with my daughter after I drove her boyfriend away


DEAR DEIDRE: IN my daughter’s eyes, I’m public enemy number one.

I can’t seem to do anything right and I’m worried we’re going to have no relationship if this continues.

She’s 17, I’m 45.

It all started when she got this awful boyfriend at sixth form.

He is known around our town for dealing weed.

So to keep her safe, I gave her a curfew and would often call her when they were out together to check in.

When they split, my daughter said it was my fault. Apparently my strict parenting had put him off.

I’ve tried to make it up to her – buying her little treats, making her favourite dinners, inviting her friends over. But nothing is good enough.

If my wife was here, I’m sure she’d know what to do. But she died three years ago.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It sounds as though your daughter is dealing with a lot and so is lashing out at the person closest to her.

In time, as she matures, she will see that you have the best intentions.

As communication seems to be an issue between the two of you right now, try writing down your thoughts in a letter.

Continue with the small gestures, as this will remind her how much you care.

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