A GOVERNMENT inspector has backed Bradford Council’s decision to block an LED sign from being installed on a Bradford pub on a main road.

The Council had refused permission for the existing advertising board on the side of the Station Hotel, Manchester Road, to be replaced with an illuminated sign earlier this year.

Officers said the sign “would be highly prominent and appear in stark contrast to the muted backdrop within which it would be positioned.”

It is the latest in a series of application for digital signs that Bradford Council has refused in recent years.

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Applicant Matt Swindles lodged an appeal against that decision, but the appeal has now been dismissed.

Government appointed inspector Alison Partington said: “By reason of its position, nature and size, the proposed advertisement would be an obtrusive, dominant and uncharacteristic feature in the area.

"The elevated position of the hoarding and the gentle rise of the road, means it would be clearly visible over some distance.

"There is a general absence of large scale advertising hoardings in the area and the majority of the commercial signage in the vicinity is at lower levels and more modest in size.

"As a result, the proposal would be an incongruous feature in the street scene and detrimental to visual amenity."