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Instagram model helps women catch cheating boyfriends by sending them flirty messages & exposes their replies

AN Instagram model who helps women catch their cheating boyfriends by sending them flirty messages has revealed some of the most shocking responses.

Paige Woolen, 28, from Los Angeles, has 207,000 followers on Instagram - thanks to her good looks and a series of bikini snaps.

And she runs a separate account (@Dudesinthedm) where she publicly shames men for sending her inappropriate messages.

The Maxim Australia model started her quest after noticing many of the guys who DM are clearly in relationships.

So she offered to message men whose girlfriends suspected them of cheating, in a post on her Instagram story.

She said: "I had been noticing a lot of guys that DM me on my personal account had profile photos with their girlfriends.

"It got me wondering if their girlfriends know or care that they DM random girls with photos in their bikinis.

"I personally believe snitches get stitches but I felt like using the power of @dudesinthedm for good and helping out my female followers.

"I posted a story about DM'ing their boyfriends from my main account to see if they would cop to having a girlfriend or not.

"Surprisingly, most of them either didn’t answer, said something mean or informed me they had a girlfriend.

"Only a few lied and said they were single."

Paige's offer was met with mixed answers - with some calling her a "hero" and others accusing her of "entrapment", calling her a "prostitute" or accusing her of trying to set up an "OnlyFans account".

But some blokes did catch for the bait.

In one message, she asked a lad: "Just thought you were so so cute. Was hoping to meet up if you’re single of course" and got the reply: "I’m single enough, do you have Snapchat?"

Another bloke told Paige she was "like a supermodel" and claimed not to have a girlfriend, despite her being in his profile pic.

He added: "You’re in LA? I’m there all the time for work, we should go out."

And a third man admitted he wasn't single but added of his girlfriend: "She's into some freaky s***. We could all have fun".

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