Jacqueline Jossa spent some quality time with her youngest daughter Mia this week and ended up covered in red lipstick.

Mia, three, drew all over Jac's face, covering her cheeks with the bright red colour.

However, Jac saw the funny side and ended up laughing when Mia took a little break from scribbling then plunged back in by planting a giant squiggle on her mum's forehead.

It all started because Mia had drawn all over her own face, slathering half of it in red lipstick.

As she begun applying more on herself, mum Jac said "no more!" but it had little affect.

Jac and daughter Mia
Jacqueline Jossa and her daughter Mia covered in lipstick

Chaos ensued when Jac said "do mummy's," but when Mia started prodding at Jac's face, mum reminded her daughter to "do it gentle, please," to stop any eyes getting poked out.

Jac and Dan Osborne ' have two children together, five-year-old Ella, and Mia.

Dan also has another child, a boy called Teddy, from a previous relationship.

Jac covered in lipstick
Mum Jac covered in lipstick

The family recently celebrated Mia's third birthday with a lavish Frozen-themed party.

Elsa and Anna from the Disney hit turned up to surprise Mia, and a bouncy castle and luxurious teepee were both set up to allow kids to play and relax afterwards.

A colourful floral display lined a communal dining table - we wonder how long those three-year-olds lasted sat down? - and a range of delicate cup cakes were available whenever the children needed a pick-me-up.

While Jac and Mia were having fun at home today, Dan was off getting himself a new tattoo.

Jac Jossa on a day when her daughter didn't do her make-up
Jac Jossa on a day when her daughter didn't do her make-up

Dan owns a tattoo parlour called Ink Paradise in Bexleyheath in South-East London.

On Tuesday, the former The Only Way Is Essex star revealed he was adding to his huge collection of inkings which already cover both his arms, part of his torso and covers much of his legs.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Dan shared a video of himself sitting in the tattoo chair looking surprisingly anxious.

Dan, 29, and 28-year-old Jac married in 2017 and live in a £1.2 million home in Essex.